Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is a booming industry in Costa Rica! The average cost savings, compared to the United States, is about 60% for most procedures. Thousands of people travel to Costa Rica every year for different types of medical procedures (Dental, plastic, anti-aging and more). The doctors in Costa Rica are fantastic, the prices are amazing and the facilities are state of the art!

Jaco360 is a proud affiliate of Medtour360. Medtour360 is a medical concierge located in San Jose, Costa Rica. They will assist you with finding the right doctor for your procedure, assisting you with appointment bookings and basically, hold your hand through the entire medical process. They offer door-to-door service and their fees are very reasonable. If you are in need of a medical procedure or if you are looking to enhance certain areas of your body, give them a try! You will not be disappointed!

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